how to buy from Yiwu market?

how to buy from Yiwu market
300,000 global buyers come to Yiwu China every year. Most of them of them are totally strange to YIwu market. Then how to buy from Yiwu market?>> How to do business in Yiwu?

Visit Yiwu market
We would like to recommend you visit Yiwu market by yourself. Doing business is a very serious thing.
Coming to Yiwu market you can select the right products at a right price. The most important is that it is more security for you to choose the products by yourself.
Moreover, you may discover some new opportunities in Yiwu
Thirdly, when you cooperate with an agent you can express yourself more clearly and get more information about your agent progress so that you can get more effective feedback.
Fourthly, online trade has a lot of uncertainty. Sometimes you cannot get a positive result even you spend a lot of time and energy.
So if possible you can come to Yiwu market, we are here to welcome you.
Sure wholesale is totally different with retailing. And exporting is not just about buying products .It is hard for you to export from the market because of they are not professional in shipping and English communication. Below is the how the Yiwu market works.

The way of Yiwu market works
The shop in the market is some kind of showroom of the products they do in their factory. They not only sell the products they present in the shop but also welcome customization. There are constantly two people in the shop, one is boss for management to keep everything under control, to keep the overall cost down. And another one is an assistant employed by boss. Her job is quotation and looking after the shop when boos is away.
The shops are professional about products. But how to ship them to you place is beyond their abilities. So a new problem arises. See how we can solve it.

Go to a Yiwu agent
Exporting products has a series of works to do. Your visit to market, then collect orders, do inspection, and finally ship out your products. Yiwu agent to help you with all these sourcing activities. Sure, agents will usually charge a commission from 1% – 5% of your total purchase value, according what you buy and how much you buy.

The advantage of using an agent
Cheaper prices: because sometimes they have agreements or connections with suppliers. So they can offer a discount
Provide you all kinds of service: inspection, warehouse, shipping and dealing with documents you need.

The disadvantage of using an agent
Maybe the only disadvantage of using an agent is that you stay in a bad agent. Some agents are inexperienced, incapable. They will make mistakes, create additional costs……
So before you decide a cooperate agent, you had better go to visit their office and warehouse.

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